This campaign chronicles the adventures of the Fortune’s Favored adventuring company, from their humble beginnings in the frontier town of Summersend, Vaasa, to the crowded streets of Hlon Parath, Impiltur, from the icy Sleeper’s Spire atop the Great Glacier, to the halls of Castle Dragonsbane in Heliogabalus, Damara.

Active characters:

Balthus Burlisk, a dragon-blooded sorcerer and humble farmer from Battledale.

Gorek Dotsk, a raging mercenary from Damara. Currently on a mission to redeem his soul and shirk his duties as an avatar of Garagos, god of senseless slaughter.

Menethiel “Corpsefinger” Windwhisper, a notorious knife-fighter from Waterdeep. Recently escaped months of torture in the Abyss.

Saladin Il’Muhaji, a Calishite master magician returned from the dead.

Tales of the Fortune's Favored

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