Tales of the Fortune's Favored

1 May 2010

The Abyss. The Mountains of Faith. The Valley of Fear.

10th of Flamerule (1st Day in the Abyss)

The three companions traverse into the Abyss and Gorek informs his old companions that they have landed on the Mountains of Faith, the 118th layer of the Abyss. The mountain is craggy, sharp and covered in a thick layer of fog. Nearby, the River Styx flows from a waterfall in the sky down the side of the mountain on its hurtle down the endless hell-spiral. Gorek has studied and traveled the Planes extensively and suggests that they follow the river to a demonic fortress called the Tower of Lies, a place where captive souls are held.

Not long after they begin their journey, the three travelers are beset by Vrock demons, who employ their telekinetic powers to push the Fortune’s Favored toward the River Styx. Gorek is thrown clear over the river and, rather than find a safe way to cross, he leaps into the river itself and swims through the wasting waters. He emerges on the other bank, seared and burned by the river’s toxic contents, but still standing. The Vrocks are so impressed that they immediately retreat.

After a long day of trekking down the treacherous mountain, the three companions come across a man in shining, angelic armor in a desperate battle with two demons. The three come to the stranger’s aid destroying one of the demons and driving off the other. The man in angelic armor thanks the Fortune’s Favored and introduces himself as Bersylak, an Altumbellic cleric of Torm in search of his lost love. He’d learned that the demon known as Gol’gauryx took her to the Tower of Lies deep in the Desert of Truth, the 121st layer of the Abyss. The four decide to band together and continue their descent.

10th of Flamerule (2nd Day in the Abyss)

After a harrowing journey, the four heroes enter the 119th layer of the Abyss, a place that Gorek refers to as the Valley of Fear. It is a cold, dark wasteland with precious little light and vast, black rock-cliffs on either side of the River Styx. An icy wind howls through the valley and chills the four companions to their souls.

Hours into the Valley, the four companions are beset by a Caller in the Dark, but they manage to dispatch it with relative ease. A feeling of disjointedness and timelessness washes over them as they travel on through the valley.



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