Tales of the Fortune's Favored

11 April 2010

The Gauntlet. Belkers and Krakens

6th of Flamerule (continued)

The four companions navigate the harrowing Gauntlet, braving great dangers on the way. They quickly dispatch a group of cowardly Belkers, thanks to Geregan’s fearsome war-chant. The danger picks up in the next chamber, however, as the four heroes scale a massive well that is occupied by a terrifying Kraken. Saladin is almost devoured by the massive beast, but together the warriors manage to drive it off.

At the top of the well, the four adventurers are met with a puzzle: They must correctly align the five elements of Kara-Turan legend by order of superiority. With only one false placement, the clever heroes quickly solve the puzzle and the massive iron doors that hindered their progress swing open to reveal a wide open courtyard. At the other end of the courtyard sits a Kara-Turan temple, from which emanates a bright golden light. Unfortunately, Wyndris the Crimson Dragon and his cronies have made it to the courtyard as well and a desperate final confrontation seems inevitable.



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