Tales of the Fortune's Favored

17 April 2010

The End of the Gauntlet. The Golden Heart

6th of Flamerule (continued)

The Fortune’s Favored cross blades with Wyndris the Crimson Dragon and a furious battle breaks out. Before a victor can be declared however, three creatures emerge from the temple: A Naga and two Leonal spirits, fierce combatants ready to defend the Golden Heart. The battle now turns into a three-way fight and Wyndris’ crew is wiped out in the cross-fire. Balthus casts a spell to assume the appearance of Dalnim Areoi and then strikes the killing blow against Wyndris and avenges the Gnome’s honor.

The Leonal spirits eventually cease their assault and the Naga declares the Fortune’s Favored as the champions of the Gauntlet. The spirits depart and leave the four heroes to claim the Golden Heart.



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