Tales of the Fortune's Favored

2 April 2010

New Recruits. The House of the Tengu. The Gauntlet Begins.

2nd of Flamerule

After several days mourning the tragic deaths of their companions, Balthus and Saladin prepare to set out for the Sunrise Mountains on the eastern border of Thay. In the mountains, they hope to find the Golden Heart, an artifact that can help defeat Illisuspiria, the Red Queen of Nightmares. They convince the King of the urgency of their mission, who refers them to two renowned explorers that have come to Bloodstone Pass East to lend their aid to the war effort. The two newcomers are Taorm the Mistmourned, a Half-Orc Barbarian from the wastes of Thar and his bloodsworn companion Geregan. The four adventurers meet up in the castle courtyard and, with Saladin’s descriptive aid, Balthus successfully teleports the party to the Gorge of Gauros in northeast Thay.

5th of Flamerule

The four new companions make fast work of ascending the Sunrise Mountains, making clever use of the two sorcerers’ magic as well as Taorm’s selection of magical items. Eventually, they pass through a thick cloud bank and find themselves standing on a snowy plateau. On this plateau sits a house of Kara Tur-an design, and in it dwell the mysterious crow-spirits known as the Tengu.

The Tengu welcome the four travelers, bathe, feed and clothe them. Although the Tengu are eerily otherworldly, the Fortune’s Favored are immediately taken with them. The Tengu’s leader, who identifies himself as Perches-on-Tree-Limb, tells the heroes that another group of adventurers arrived just before the Fortune’s Favored, lead by Wyndris the Crimson Dragon, a fierce monk and outspoken enemy of the late Dalnim Aeroi. Wyndris is upset to hear about the death of his nemesis and promises to visit his frustrations on the Fortune’s Favored instead. The Tengu make sure that no violence erupts in the house.

6th of Flamerule

The next morning, the heroes are fully rested and make a few last-minute preparations before undertaking the Gauntlet. The Tengu known as Death-from-Above leads the Fortune’s Favored to a passage that leads into the mountain and where the Gauntlet begins. The doors then shut behind the heroes and their harrowing journey begins.



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