Tales of the Fortune's Favored

22nd November, 2009

The Rawlinswood. The Temple of Unknowable Horror

24th of Kythorn

The Fortune’s Favored – now composed of Balthus Burlisk, Saladin Il’Muhaji, Shaffer Iben Thad and the newly assigned Dalnim Areoi – set out for the Necrotic Cradle. After having stocked up on provisions, the four teleport to the edge of the Rawlinswood, which has been transformed into a blighted, festering mire. They trek through the boggy forest for six hours, taking care to avoid any unwanted attention from its denizens.

As they make their way through the Rawlinswood, the adventurers see and feel the effects of the Rotting Man’s Blight all around them. Most of the trees are dead or dying and what little wild-life they encounter is twisted and warped into a sickly shadow of its former self.

After wandering aimlessly for about an hour and getting hopelessly lost, the adventurers come upon the Temple of Unknowable Horror, a massive cyclopean travesty of architecture, all black marble and obsidian. The adventurers enter the temple with a strong sense of dread in their hearts. On the upper levels of the temple, they run into a dozen fearsome demons driven mad by millenia of isolation. The heroes dispatch the demons with relative ease and steel themselves for the lurking terrors that await them in the lower levels.


What about the epic fights? No mention of Saladin’s nuke? Schaffar’s whirling frenzy, Balthus’ foolhardy demon-lure and Dalnim’s brainpunch?

Why no love?

22nd November, 2009

I suppose he hasnĀ“t forgiven us for kicking to much ass :-)

22nd November, 2009

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