Tales of the Fortune's Favored

25 april 2010

Gorek recruited. The Death of Taorm the Mistmourned

7th of Flamerule

The Fortune’s Favored travel to Chessenta in search of Gorek Dotsk, their old ally. They find him outside the city of Akanax, where his army lays siege against the mightiest warriors of Chessenta. Saladin makes an appeal for Gorek’s aid in rescuing Menethiel’s soul from the Abyss, but he overdoes it and Gorek is overcome with blood-lust. Taorm steps in to shield his allies and is sliced to ribbons for his part.

In the midst of the carnage, Gorek realizes that his bloodletting ways are no longer by his will, but that of Garagos the Reaver. Gorek decides that he has had enough of killing for others and wants to join his old companions on their venture into the Abyss. There he hopes to confront Garagos himself and reclaim his own soul from the mad god’s possession.

Geregan is distraught by his best friend’s death and disgusted by the thought of traveling with Taorm’s killer. He abandons the Fortune’s Favored and sets out on his own.

The three old companions, reunited for the first time, teleport to Snowdrift the Weather Wizard, taking Taorm’s Well of Many Worlds with them, hoping that the old wizard can guide their travel into the Abyss. The three adventurers traverse into the Abyss in search of their lost friend.



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