Tales of the Fortune's Favored

29 November 2009

Battle at the Necrotic Cradle. Saladin's Triumph.

25th of Kythorn

Having explored the upper levels of the Temple of Unknowable Horror, the Fortune’s Favored settle in for a few hours’ rest before venturing further into the Black Catacombs. The night passes without incident, though the heroes’ nerves are strained by the constant howls of anguish that echo from far below.

The four adventurers brave the depths of the Temple, carefully advancing down a spiral staircase that leads into an enormous underground chamber that holds a cemetery the size of a small town. Ornate crypts and mausoleums stretch out beyond the range of Saladin’s glowing orb, but the four companions find a large iron plaque that directs them to the Necrotic Cradle. They are swiftly waylaid by a trio of Vrock demons and the ensuing battle catches the attention of a horde of Babau demons that come charging after the Favored. Through sheer tenacity, the heroes overcome the Vrocks and Saladin hastily erects a Wall of Force that keeps the Babaus at bay.

The adventurers make their way quickly to a tunnel that leads to the Necrotic Cradle, passing a room marked as the “Chamber of Sight Unseeing” as well as a grim Portal to the Abyss. At the mouth of the Cradle, the Fortune’s Favored faced off against a Marut Inevitable and its band of undead adventurers. The four companions emerge victorious, but Shaffer’s constitution has been severely drained and all the heroes are badly injured.

Saladin uses the power of the Necrotic Cradle to bring himself back to life and emerges triumphant. He tries to use the Cradle’s power to resurrect Menethiel, but nothing seems to happen. The adventurers must find some other means to bring their fallen companion back from the dead. They turn back towards the tunnel, hoping to find a way back out of the Temple.



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