Tales of the Fortune's Favored

The Abyss

The Tower of Lies. Escape from the Abyss.

The Valley of Fear drags on for what seems to be forever. The four companions march for what seem to be hours, make camp, rest and then walk on, yet no progress is made. The pervasive gloom never changes and the rocky walls stretch on and up for miles, making it impossible to mark the passage of time.

The four heroes march on down the valley for what feels like centuries until, quite suddenly, the valley ends. A wide expans of jungle land greets the four adventurers. They have made it to the Jungle of Doubt, the 120th layer of the Abyss. Otherworldly calls and monstrous roars echo through the landscape and every plant looks vile, murderous and poisonous. Trekking through the forest would be suicide for any but the most stalwart of heroes.

So Bersylak turns himself and his fellows into a cloud and flies right over the entire jungle.

And the Desert of Truth.

Eventually, the four heroes land outside the Tower of Lies, its massive spiked structure jutting up out of the desert wasteland, the River Styx forms a natural moat around the fortress and its only visible entrance is the massive demon-shaped head that acts as a gate to the prison.

When the four companions present themselves to the gate, the gate is surprisingly cooperative, and immediately lets them inside.

Inside the Tower of Lies, the four heroes battle a Marilith along with her Yugoloth henchmen, they enter a maze-like room of staircases. Bersylak offers a prayer to his god and ascends a staircase that takes him directly to the cell that holds his lost wife. The heroes quickly dispatch the demons that guard her cell and move on to another part of the prison in search of Menethiel.

A few hours of searching later, the heroes find Menethiel cleverly hidden in a cell-complex labeled “Orphans”. They battle Menethiel’s jailors for a while before Bersylak chants a prayer that delivers all six mortals to the plane of Elysium.



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