Sir Menethiel Eykhart


Half-Elf, Rogue/Fighter/Master Thrower/Invisible Blade 8/2/2/1 XP – 71459 / 78000

Strength – 16/3
Dexterity – 22/
Constitution – 16/3
Intelligence – 18/
Wisdom – 10/0
Charisma – 16/

Armor Class: 25 (5 armor bonus, +6 dex modifier, +4 deflection modifier) / 21 (6 dex modifier, +4 deflection modifier, +1 int modifer)
Touch Armor: 20
Flat-footed: 19

HP: 96
+10 Cold Resistance

Speed: 30/40 w/Boots of Longstrider

Initiative: +6

Fort +8
Reflex +16
Will +2

Conditional saving throw modifiers: +2 vs. enchantments and traps.

Base Attack Bonus 10/5
Grapple: +12


Silent Edge (2 Keen dagger): Attack bonus – 18(20) / 13(15) / 8(10), Damage – 1D43+2, Critical – 17-20 x2
Range – 20 Ft., Type – P/S, Notes – +1 Ranged (within 30 Ft., Point Blank Shot), Keen.

Dagger 1 x2: Attack Bonus – 17(19) / 12(14) / 7(9), Damage – 1D4 +31, Critical – 19-20 x2
Range – 20, Type – P/S, Notes – +1 Ranged (within 30Ft., Point Blank Shot), Returning, Shocking 1D6

Mst. Dagger x3: Attack Bonus – 17(19) / 12(14) / 7(9), Damage – 1D4+3, Critical – 19-20 x2
Range – 20, Type – P/S, Notes +1 Ranged (within 30Ft., Point Blank Shot)

Dagger x4: Attack Bonus – 16(18) / 11(13) / 6(8), Damage – 1D4+3, Critical – 19-20 x2
Range – 20, Type – P/S, Notes +1 Ranged (within 30Ft., Point Blank Shot)

Balance 12, Bluff +18, Climb +9, Concentration +5, Decipher Script +7, Diplomacy +9, Disable Device +7, Disguise +5/7, Escape Artist +8, Forgery +5, Gather Information +9, Hide +28, Intimidate +10, Jump +13, Knowledge (History) +5, Listen +7, Move Silently +18, Open Lock +8, Search +8, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +13, Spot +12, Tumble +24

Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting (Fighter Bonus Feat), Weapon Focus (Fighter Bonus Feat), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Flick of the Wrist.

Special Abilities:
Immune to Sleep, Low-Light vision, Elven Blood, Sneak Attack +4D6/ Dagger Sneak Attack 5D6, Trapfinding, Improved Evasion, Trapsense +2, Improved Uncanny Dodge, ST: Timely Misdirection, ST: Acrobatic Backstand, ST: Nimble Stand, Quick Draw (Master Thrower ability), WT: Sneaky Shot, Unfettered Defense

Worn – Clothes, Cloak of the Nightwind, Travel Cloak, Gloves of Dex +4, Mithral Shirt +1, Ulutiu Amulet, Ring of Protection +4, Silent Edge, Dagger +1 x2, Mst. Dagger x3, Dagger x4, Gold Pouch, Boots of the Longstrider, Headband of Intellect +2, Belt of Giant’s Strength +2.
Carried (Bag of Holding) – Bedroll, Hemp Rope 50 Ft., Grappling Hook, Torch, Flint and Steel, Caltrops, Thieves Tools, Pipe and Tobacco, Gith Notes x2, Melios,
Potions – Resist Negative Energy

Languages: Common, Chondathan, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling.


Born and raised in the great city of Waterdeep. Raised by his widowed father, Aloysius Eyckhart, a merchant trader from the Moonshaes turned tavern owner, Menethiel spent his youth running around the dock district or helping out at the Burning Oak, his father’s tavern. During these years Menethiel met Rhogar Keiserworth, later known as the Dragonslayer. Together they clambered across warehouse roofs, swam in the shallows of the harbor and ran errands for a senior dockmaster, a halfling named Lynntar Inkwell.

Eventually Rhogar left to join the city guard and Menethiel became a dockworker. His days spent unloading cargo from faraway places: Chuult, Baldur’s Gate, Athkatla, Calimport and his father’s homeland, as well as loading crates of precious artifacts from far inland, forgotten kingdoms and the great unexplored North. Tales of the Great Frontier filled Menethiel’s mind; drunk adventurers’ tales made it hard to concentrate at work, his ears always strained for the next juicy story or carelessly dropped information.

The day came when an old dwarf, fresh of a small caravel from Luskan, hired Menethiel to unload his cargo into a covered caravan. He cautioned Menethiel against curiosity and told him that if he could do his job plain and proper he would reward him handsomely. Menethiel did his job and barely resisted the temptation to look inside the heavy duskwood coffers that the merchant brought from Luskan. When the dwarf returned he paid Menethiel his standard fee and added a small crimson gemstone.

Sir Menethiel Eykhart

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