Meela Nordwyn

Captain of the Aglarondan Skyriders, representative of Aglarond, member of Damaran war council


Meela Nordwyn is the captain of the Skyriders, a squadron of Griffonriders from Aglarond. She and her fellow riders are currently in the service of King Gareth Dragonsbane of Damara, sent across the Alamber Sea by the Simbul herself to aid in the war effort against Illisuspiria.

Meela is a tall, thin woman with long dark hair and a tan complexion that, along with her fine, delicate features, suggests a strong elven heritage. Her stern, blue eyes are very human, however, and give away her half-elven nature. Meela speaks with a strong, commanding voice and she leads her Skyriders with skill and confidence. She has a bond of mutual love and respect with her griffon mount, Sworendin, and her riders follow her lead with unswerving loyalty.

Meela Nordwyn

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