Grep Wyldshot

Captain of the "Altumbel Sureshots"


Grep Wyldshot is the captain of the Altumbel Sureshots, a newly-formed company of crossbowmen who also command a new experimental weapon called a ‘cannon’. Grep is relatively short and stocky, with a coarse, thick, black beard and not much hair atop his pate. His dark eyes shine with a humor and a certain kindness that he rarely gets to show. A long, narrow scar runs along the left side of his face from his brow to his jawline.

Grep sees himself as a true patriot. When the king of Altumbel returned from exile, Grep quickly swore an oath of loyalty to him. During the civil war that followed, Grep lead many battles against his fellow countrymen with a heavy heart, taking solace in the king’s words and show of conviction. The two fought side-by-side on more than one occasion and Grep has nothing but admiration and respect for his king.

After the war, the newly-crowned king ordered Grep and his company to travel to Damara and aid them in their war effort against the Red Queen. Grep gladly obeyed and is now a member of the Damaran War Council.

Grep Wyldshot

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