Krogs Backbreaker

Silent, sadistic servant of subjugation and murder


Krogs Backbreaker is a former Monk of the Long Death, cast out for being too vicious and cruel even by the other monks’ standards. He has since sworn himself to service as Irgen Shadowstab’s bodyguard and has had many opportunities to hone his craft of torture and murder.

Krogs is massive, even by Half-Orc standards. Well over six feet tall and rippling with muscles, Krogs is a terrifying sight to behold. Eeriest of all is the strange silence that seems to radiate from him, as he moves with cat-like agility that one would think impossible in one of his stature. He rarely speaks and when he does, it is in a barely audible growl full of hatred and murderous glee.

Krogs Backbreaker

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