Ser Saladin Il Muhaji

A handspome, flamboyant looking Calishite. With an aura of authority around him. Dressed in his fine robes, with his well tended beard, Saladin truly looks like the richest and most noble merchant prince of Calimport.


Class Levels: Wizard:3. Master Specialist:7. Sorcerer:2. Blood Magus:3. Total:15.


Saladin was a sorcerer from Calimshan, while travelling the world in search of better understanding of magic and in hopes of increasing his power, he met a group of adventurers and decided to join forces with them. His intentions were purely selfish, seeing as how frail he was he thouhgt it prudent to surround himself with strong warriors. Unfortunately he was killed, when trying to escape bounty-hunters who had kidnapped him. Several months have gone my and Saladins body has been burned and sent home to Calimshan. But some how his spirit was able to materialize itself on the material plane. At first he was a shapeless form, incorporeal, but over time he was able to will himself into a solid form, he is now a creature made out of ectoplasma. He now looks much as he did at the time of his deat, except that his body is twisted and disgusting, his skin is grey, his eyes completely white, his hair and beard are greasy and tattered. Saladin in life had been a very confident and flamboyant man,but now he has changed. He no longer has the air of superiority around him, and instead of being charming and dominating, he now raises up disgust in people. When Saladin found himself back on his home plane, to his horror he realized that he no longer had his sorcerer powers. His powers had come from his blood, and since he no longer has blood his powers are no more. Fortunately he still retained the great knowledge of the arcane arts that he had had in life. He therefore now is following the ways of a wizard, much to his frustration. The long hours of studying spells and memorizing them, copying into a spell book. All though this change vexes him greatly he has in a short amount of time been able to garner at least as much power as he held in life. But his new body is very frail and weak, and Saladin greatly desires to find someway to return himself to his old body and become alive again. Update: On the 25th of Kythorn, Saladin entered the temple of unknowable horror, along with his companions. There he found the Necrotic Cradle, and used its energies to come back to life. With the return of his body, he felt again the power of his blood flow through him, and he realized that he had reaquired his sorcerer powers. But returning to life, and finding the balance between his natural born abilites and the aquired wizarding skills, which he gained during his time as a ghost, is going to take time and effort

Ser Saladin Il Muhaji

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