Sir Ander Pureshield

Commander of the Knights of the Yellow Rose, member of the Damaran war council


Sir Ander Pureshield comes from a noble family with a long-standing military tradition. He commands the Knights of the Yellow Rose, the military arm of the Church of Ilmater in Damara. He oversees the Knights’ patrols across the land as they seek to rid Damara of any remnants of Zhengyi’s old armies.

Sir Ander is an extremely proud, rather short-tempered man, but he is a skilled tactician, masterful combatant and a beloved leader of men. He would gladly give his life to serve his king, country or god. He fiercely opposes Illisuspiria and her monstrous army. He distrusts Lord Vipur and his influence over the king and argues against his every motion during council meetings.

Sir Ander is a man in his late thirties, tall, rugged and handsome. His coarse dark hair is cut short, his jawline is covered with a thick, majestic black beard and his deep, brown eyes shine fiercely with religious conviction. He usually wears a finely tailored military uniform, a yellow surcoat with Ilmater’s symbol embroidered into it with silver thread. In battle he rides while dressed in a finely crafted suit of blessed plate armor and a shield bearing the Yellow Rose is by his side.

Sir Ander Pureshield

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