Ashad Il'Muhaji

Wealthy Calishite camel merchant, father of Saladin Il'Muhaji


Ashad Il’Muhaji is the current head of the Muhaji clan, a family of wealthy and renowned camel merchants. The fine-bred Muhaji camels have facilitated the nigh-constant flow of wealth throughout Calimshan for well over a century now and have made the Muhaji clan a very wealthy and powerful group in Calimport.

Unfortunately, Ashad himself has had very little to do with the family business’ success. As an unabashed hedonist and would-be socialite, Ashad frequently throws opulent parties to impress the city’s elite. These parties often last for several days and have been known to extend into entire months on occasion.

Ashad’s reckless spending has built up considerable debt for the Muhaji clan, but shrewd business tactics and a string of fortunate turns of events have kept the business afloat. Zasheima Il’Muhaji, Ashad’s eldest daughter, knows that it’s only a matter of time before the clan’s money problems become a real issue, however.

Ashad is a fat, aging man with a long, white beard that is usually stained red with wine and two dark eyes set deep in his head. He wears a large turban spun from golden silk and fine silk clothes with precious gemstones sewn into them. Half a dozen gaudy rings sit on his fingers and he carries a walking staff made of pure mythral. He is rarely seen without his bodyguards and lackeys.

Ashad Il'Muhaji

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