Bashiir Il'Muhaji

Calishite warrior, Justisiar of Tyr, cousin to Saladin Il'Muhaji


Bashiir is a holy servant of Tyr and specializes in tracking down and bringing in dangerous wizards and sorcerers. When he was ordered to capture his wayward cousin Saladin with no clear violation of any law, Bashiir was hesitant to comply. When his fellow bounty hunters were hot on Saladin’s trail, Bashiir seized an opportunity to warn his cousin of their approach. It was all for naught, however, as the bounty hunters soon caught up with Saladin once again and captured him. Saladin was tragically killed during the rescue attempt that followed. Bashiir had Saladin’s remains cremated and then transported them back to Calimshan.

Bashiir is a tall, thin, young man with a wispy mustache and eyes that are black as coal. He is kind and generous with most people that he meets, but he brooks no quarter for the criminals he hunts. He wears sturdy traveller’s clothes underneath a suit of scale mail armor and carries a large, circular shield with the symbol of Tyr’s even scales painted on it.

Bashiir Il'Muhaji

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