Campos the Black

Tiefling necromancer, former partner of Menethiel's


The terrible, twisted Tiefling that travelled with Irgen and Menethiel to Vaasa. After being betrayed by Irgen in much the same fashion as Menethiel, the two were reunited at the Harlequin’s Mask in Summersend, Vaasa. Menethiel, thirsty for revenge, ignored Campos’ proclamations of innocence in the matter and had every intention of killing him there and then. Campos barely escaped, however, by throwing himself out a second-story window and stealing a horse.

The two met up again a month later to negotiate a deal: Campos offered Irgen’s current location in exchange for the Book of Vaezjik, which Menethiel had in his possession at the time. The deal ended with Campos dead at the bottom of a stairwell after Menethiel threw him down there and slit his throat.

Campos the Black

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