Estro Razorfist

Half-orc thug from Heliogabalus, High-ranking Invisible Blade


Estro is a thug in the archaic and classical senses, a vicious brute and master of the punching dagger. He may not have some of the tact or poise of his fellow Invisible Blades, but nobody sneak-attacks like Estro. As a youth, Estro spent much of his time fighting in the slums of Heliogabalus, sometimes with petty street gangs, sometimes with the corrupt officers of the law.

Estro is almost six-and-a-half feet tall and weighs some two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle. He has gray, rough skin that is decked with scars and scabs. Estro is an intimidating creature, but he is as kind and loyal to his friends as he is cruel and ferocious to his enemies.

Estro Razorfist

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