Evedarn Mornen

High Priest of Ilmater, Head of the Church of Ilmater in Damara, member of the Damaran War Council


Evedarn Mornen is the figurehead of the Damaran Church of Ilmater. He is a dear friend and valued adviser to King Gareth Dragonsbane. Mornen has taken a vow of nonviolence towards all living things and is both loved and respected by almost all citizens of Heliogabalus. His station and popularity have gone to his head, however, and his vanity is beginning to affect his judgment.

Evedarn Mornen is bowed and frail, his body broken and scarred after a life of service to the Crying God. Evedarn wears silk robes of pure white and a silver headband sits on his brow. A silver amulet hangs from his neck and bears the holy symbol of Ilmater. His hair is long, lustrous sheet of gold that betrays his Celestial heritage.

Evedarn Mornen

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