King Gareth Dragonsbane

King of Damara, Grand General of the Damaran Defense Forces


King Gareth Dragonsbane is the beloved ruler of Damara and has been for fifteen years. He came to power in 1359 – the Year of the Serpent – and has worked hard at rebuilding Damara’s economy and military might. Gareth earned his crown when he and his allies defeated the Witch King Zhengyi, a lich that had overrun and enslaved the nation of Damara for over a decade.

Gareth is a man of great strength and conviction. His brown hair and bear now show strong lines of gray and his bright blue eyes have dulled with the ages, yet Gareth finds the energy to carry on in his love of the land and his faith in Ilmater, the Crying God.

King Gareth Dragonsbane

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