Davek Hadvoxen

Representative of the "Smiling Sun" Merchant Company


Davek Hadvoxen is a representative of the Smiling Sun trading company and acts as liaison to the Damaran Crown. Recently, he negotiated a contract with the Damaran government that secures the Smiling Sun as leading supplier of iron ore for the nation’s war effort. The Smiling Sun’s caravans travel from the northern foothills of the Earthspur Mountains to the forges of the Thunderfoot dwarfs in western Damara.

Davek, like most successful merchants, is fat, rich and a keen opportunist. He speaks with eloquence and courtesy, but stands firm on his convictions. His clothes are fine, but not gaudy, his dark mustache neatly trimmed and waxed and his mannerisms affable.

Davek Hadvoxen

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