Halod Burlisk

Scholar and teacher from the city of Essembra in Battledale, Balthus' Grandfather


Halod Burlisk is a wealthy historian from the fortress-city of Essembra in Battledale and a grandfather to Balthus Burlisk, the dragon-blooded sorcerer. His relationship with Balthus has grown distant over the years, as Balthus’ parents moved out of the city and set up a tavern in the small village of Magenta, far from the city’s protective walls. When Halod heard that his grandson had survived the attack that annihilated Magenta, he set out on a desperate mission to warn him of the Red Queen of Nightmares and the grudge that she bears against the Burlisk bloodline.

When he finally caught up with his grandson, Halod was a penniless vagrant. He was able to deliver his warning to Balthus when the two shared a cell in the prison of Bloodstone Pass East. Balthus bailed his grandfather out, gave him some gold and new clothes and told him to go back home to Essembra. That was the last that Balthus saw of his grandfather.

Halod Burlisk

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