Irgen "Shadowstab"


Irgen was Menethiel’s partner and mentor during his formative years as an adventurer. The two travelled together along with the rest of Irgen’s crew to Vaasa in search of hidden treasure from the age of the Witch King. The way from Waterdeep to Vaasa is a long and perilous one and on the way, Irgen and Menethiel became fast friends.

One night, when the party had set up camp in the frozen wastes of Vaasa, Irgen asked Menethiel to discuss something with him in private. What went between them is unclear, but Menethiel awoke several days later in a healer’s yurt, severely injured and lucky to be alive.

Several months later, Irgen resurfaced as the newly-crowned King of Altumbel. Rumors suggest that he stole an ancient Nar artifact called the Book of Vaezjik and sold it to a Red Wizard named Ramas Fezim to secure the services of a Sembian mercenary company, as well as a secret weapon.

With the Sembians’ aid, Irgen claimed the throne of Altumbel and has since begun reforming the land after several years of civil strife. He has offered his hand in friendship to the lands of Aglarond and Impiltur and has already sent a company of Altumbel soldiers to the war-stricken land of Damara.

Irgen "Shadowstab"

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