Ancient Silver Dragon, battled the Red Queen of Nightmares a thousand years ago


During the 1st and 2nd centuries DR, Illisuspiria, the Red Queen of Nightmares, was the mightiest dragon in Faerûn from Icewind Dale to Amn. She killed or drove off all other dragons in her territory and raided human settlements in search of more treasure for her already considerable hoard. Nathrepulisthis, a silver dragon who laired on the Sword Coast, saw that Illisuspiria’s evil would have to be dealt with. With the aid of a band of adventurers, Nathrepulisthis was able to cast an enchantment on Illisuspiria that put her in a deep slumber, one that would last for more than a thousand years. While Illisuspiria slept, Nathrepulisthis found and destroyed all of Illisuspiria’s eggs and hunted down her remaining offspring.

During the time of peace that followed, Nathrepulisthis took up with a noble warrior called Burlor the Dragonslayer, one of the adventurers that aided in Illisuspiria’s capture. The two had children, some of them gifted with magical abilities. Many generations down the line, when the name of Burlor the Dragonslayer was long forgotten, little Balthus Burlisk of Battledale was born, mere traces of his draconic heritage still in his blood.

Now that Illisuspiria has awoken and her armies are massing, it seems that Balthus must take up the mantle of his forefather and -mother and defeat the Red Queen of Nightmares once and for all.


Tales of the Fortune's Favored Delawrily