Tag: Clan Muhaji


  • Zasheima Il'Muhaji

    Zasheima Il'Muhaji is the sister of Saladin Il'Muhaji and the eldest of five siblings. She is a skilled magician and an excellent negotiator, but her rise to power is hampered by the male-dominant society she lives in.

  • Ashad Il'Muhaji

    Ashad Il'Muhaji is the current head of the Muhaji clan, a family of wealthy and renowned camel merchants. The fine-bred Muhaji camels have facilitated the nigh-constant flow of wealth throughout Calimshan for well over a century now and have made the …

  • Bashiir Il'Muhaji

    Bashiir is a holy servant of Tyr and specializes in tracking down and bringing in dangerous wizards and sorcerers. When he was ordered to capture his wayward cousin Saladin with no clear violation of any law, Bashiir was hesitant to comply. When his …