Fortune's Favored Adventuring Company

The Fortune’s Favored Adventuring Company was founded on the 25th of Hammer in the year 1374DR. It was officially founded by Balthus of Battledale, Menethiel Windwhisper, Gorek the Giantslayer, Saladin Il’Muhaji and Brevel the Star Elf. The Company’s day-to-day affairs are managed by two Dwarven brothers named Fergir and Polgimir.

The Fortune’s Favored headquarters are located in a tall house in the finer merchant district of Hlon Parath in Impiltur. The five adventurers stumbled upon the place when they stepped through a Portal in eastern Vaasa, guided there by Snowdrift the Weather Wizard. The building is owned by Snowdrift and served as his old adventuring company’s headquarters some thirty years ago. Fergir and Polgimir, the two dwarves who now take care of the place, claim to have been former members of that adventuring company and have offered to see to the business of running the new company in the founders’ absence.

Since then, the Fortune’s Favored have become a renowned adventuring company, thanks to Fergir’s shrewd business sense and Polgimir’s exhaustive training regimens. The brothers have set up a charter house in Lyrabar, the capitol of Impiltur and are now working on securing another one in Heliogabalus in Damara.


Fergir Forgefire, acting chartermaster, treasurer and head of work assignment. Cheerful and flamboyant for a dwarf, Fergir has a natural charm and an excellent head for finance. His shrewd business tactics and silver tongue have earned the Fortune’s Favored steady work and a respectable hoard of treasure.

Polgimir Forgefire, head of recruits and chief quartermaster. Tough and silent, Polgimir is nevertheless an excellent drill instructor and has formed several highly effective adventuring bands from the raw recruits that pass into his training yard. Isadora the Sainthearted recently healed his old neck-wound, granting him the ability to speak once more. Polgimir is still adjusting to being able to speak in more than short grunts.

Isadora ‘the Sainthearted’, mistress of remedies. After the Fortune’s Favored rescued her from pirates who planned to sell her into slavery, Isadora felt a strong urge to return the favor and offered to stay on and treat their wounds as needed. She has since taken up residence at their headquarters and is happy to ease the suffering of her fellow adventurers.

Brevel the Star Elf, head of arcane research and chief field operative. When the other founding members set off back to Vaasa, Brevel volunteered to stay behind and help with establishing the Fortune’s Favored as a business. He has since had several adventures with the company’s new recruits and is now a legendary entertainer across all of Impiltur.

Fortune's Favored Adventuring Company

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