The Invisible Blades

The Invisible Blades are a secret fighting school located somewhere in the eastern Salt Quarter district of Heliogabalus. Their origins are mystery but their mission is clear: To defend the people of Heliogabalus from the criminal gangs that the City Watch is unable or unwilling to deal with. For their efforts, the Invisible Blades have been labeled a vigilante group and are themselves targeted by the Watch.

A recent schism within the Blades’ ranks has weakened the group significantly and spawned a rival school that calls itself the Shadow Blades. To make matters worse, the Invisible Blades are the lead suspects in a series of high-profile murders, where the victims were all high-ranking political figures. The Invisible Blades’ leaders bicker among themselves as the school teeters on the edge of destruction.

Known Members:

Estro Razorfist, a vicious Half-Orcish street brawler.

Kierian Knifestorm, an unstable Tiefling assassin, who has renounced his murderous ways.

The Invisible Blades

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