The Damaran Defense Forces

King Gareth Dragonsbane rallies his armies to fight the ever-expanding forces of Illisuspiria, the Red Queen of Nightmares.

Army: The Altumbel Sureshots
Commander: Grep Wyldshot
Force: 90 Crossbowmen + 10 Clerics + 3 “Cannoneers”
Background: The Altumbel Sureshots were sent to Damara by the new king of Altumbel to lend a hand in the fight against the Red Queen. They are battle-hardened veterans of a recent civil war in their own homeland. True patriots, they would never do anything to besmirch the name of their homeland. They have also been charged with the safe-keeping of one of their homeland’s greatest weapons – a cannon.

Army: The Skyriders of Aglarond
Commander: Meela Nordwyn
Force: 40 Griffon-mounted archers + 5 Griffon-mounted clerics + 5 Griffon-mounted warmages
Background: Meela Nordwyn leads her Skyriders in the name of the Simbul of Aglarond. The Skyriders are dedicated and loyal, their bravery bordering on recklessness. Some friction has formed between the Skyriders and the Altumbel Sureshots, due to cool relations between their respective nations.

Army: The Knights of the Balanced Scales
Commander: Lady Nadina Evenscales
Force: 10 Horse-mounted paladins + 10 Horse-mounted clerics + 50 foot soldiers + 10 clerics
Background: The Knights of the Balanced Scales are Lady Evenscale’s personal retinue, warriors of Tyr one and all. They are heavily armed and armored, their love of their homeland matched only by their hatred of the invaders.

Army: The Thunderfoot Battalion
Commander: Prince Gnyr Thunderfoot
Force: 30 Dwarf warriors + 10 Dwarf clerics + 20 Dwarf crossbowmen + 1 Dwarf wizard + 8 Dwarf siege engineers
Background: Ever since King Dragonsbane’s aid in freeing the Thunderfoot Dwarf clan from the Witch King’s Army, the Thunderfoot Battalion has eagerly served the Damaran Crown in gratitude. Its members are all veterans of countless battles. The Battalion prides itself on its low casualty rates, with more than fifty of its original members still serving.

Army: The Knights of the Yellow Rose
Commander: Sir Ander Pureshield
Force: 20 horse-mounted paladins + 20 horse-mounted clerics + 20 horse-mounted rangers
Background: The militaristic arm of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, the knights are deeply spiritual men and women who hone their fighting skills to better defend the downtrodden and defeated of the land.

Army: The Purple Dragons of Cormyr
Commander: Sir Hockdale Redwall
Force: 100 horse-mounted warriors + 200 foot-soldiers + 100 archers + 50 clerics + 6 war wizards + 12 siege engineers
Background: When the terror of Illisuspiria first emerged, King Gareth sent word to all his neighbors, asking that they send reinforcements against this common enemy. Cormyr’s forces arrived just in time to save the Highgate garrison from being overrun. The Purple Dragon knights’ appearance has been a huge boost to morale and the people of Damara have been given hope once more.

The Damaran Defense Forces

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